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I’m Jose, the creator and team lead for NDR, thanks for visiting our site! I started this company in 2018 to serve the communities around San Antonio after receiving my degree and certificates in Welding Technology. Since then, I’ve fostered a personal passion for native plants and outdoor spaces by expanding into Landscaping and becoming a TCEQ Licensed Irrigator. 

My experience comes from years of work in public organizations around our city from Northside ISD Building Trades to the San Antonio River Authority - gaining a wealth of knowledge in carpentry, welding, riparian operations, parks and recreation, and landscape management.  Today, I use those skills coupled with additional training and education to provide meaningful improvements to neighborhoods, properties, and ranches - the NDR way.

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​So what is NDR? NDR began as a way to pay homage to how much my work and passions revolve(d) around the rivers and ecosystems in our great state. Rivers are some of the last wild and unconstructed places in Texas. Like many of our projects, they bring enjoyment for folks but they command respect and care. You can’t work against a river, you have to work with it! 

Working with the land and community to solve problems is what NDR does. From that idea of the river we were born - el “Nino Del Rio.”

Four years later, the NDR acronym carries over into our specialties as well - Native Design and Restoration, and Neighborhoods, Developments, and Ranches. At NDR, we respect these necessary spaces while remaining strong advocates for community, nature, and conservation in our improvement of them. We’d love to work with you in finding sustainable and creative solutions to technical problems - contact us today!

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